What is Rubber Stain?

There are many ways and various materials used to trim a circle top window. Most circle top trims can be ordered to fit the arch. However, flexible rubber trims allow you to fit the trim to your windows size.

If you use wood, the trim will most likely be finger jointed. This is fine and will be concealed if painted, but if you stain it the joints will show through and you will have a slight color variation from piece to piece.

A composite material like rubber trims are normally smooth and take paint well but staining is a little different.  Flexible radius molding truly performs better than real wood. It will not deteriorate like real wood, there are virtually no seams to crack, and it will not swell or rot; it has the beauty of real wood and can be finished virtually the same.

Staining Flexible Moulding is similar to staining wood, however, the use of thicker heavily pigmented stains are  recommended.

At Rendon Painting Services we can color match any stained surface. 

Want it to match your kitchen cabinets?

No problem. 

We work hard to make sure that the staining process looks good and matches. 

 Don’t settle for painting if you want stain, we can accomplish this for you.

*Staining flexible moldings prior to installation is not recommended as the stain may crack when the molding is flexed.









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